Equity Story

A trillion dollar industry waiting for a wake up call

The event industry is a trillion dollar market in need of an integrated online solution to fundamentally increase the value of events in the digital era.

Many meetings and events are still conceptualized, planned and executed in the same way it happened decades ago. Modern demands for intelligent interaction, networking, and exchange of ideas are simply not met. For too many participants, meetings feel like a waste of their time, resources and commitment.

A new digital approach

Conferize is a simple, yet powerful, digital platform, focusing on bringing people together in much more meaningful ways, liberating the true potential of people gathering.

We offer a unique turnkey digital toolbox for creating, planning and executing events. With a few clicks anyone can create engaging events, complete with website, tickets and communication. We help organizers set up social communities for their events, creating digital spaces where attendees and speakers can form relationships, share knowledge and engage – before, during and after the physical encounter.

A fragmented market

The global event industry is a highly fragmented market with many players and no clear leader.
There are many providers with good partial tools, e.g. for tickets or websites. Very few focus on adding value to events, and those solutions are often expensive and overly complex. They are a far cry from the simple and powerful user experiences we have grown accustomed to the past decade.
Conferize is a different breed. With a simple and holistic solution we empower anyone to create events and gather people in meaningful ways.

Global adoption

We have a global focus. We build a digital platform which is truly scalable. The pilot version shows us that organizers buy in to our value proposition: They want a better, simpler and more effective way to organize events, while enabling their attendees to get much more value from events and create impact.