Behind the scenes at Retail2020

Elías Christian Lundstr?m from Cliffhanger Media discusses the need for streamlining event planning, how Retail2020 benefited from using Conferize, and why we need to meet.

Conferize in close cooperation with Oxford Group

The international analysis, consultancy and advisory company, Oxford Group, will in the future use Conferize’s digital event platform when Oxford Group brings together its employees from all over the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Oxford Group use the Conferize platform to create well planned, flexible and highly engaged events.

Turning up the volume on the creative community

VOLUME creates collaborations between artists and brands. They use Conferize to organize talks that mix business, the music industry, and cultural organizations. In this video, CEO Johannes K Dybkj?r-Andersson talks about how VOLUME nurtures a thriving creative community, and how Conferize helps them in their mission.

Fuckup Nights, Barcelona

The global FuckUp Nights movement is on a quest to change people’s perspective about failure. Carlos Cruz Rastrojo already organized 3 events this year via Conferize for the FuckUp Nights Barcelona chapter. He has a lot to say about the value of people getting together every month, in 252 cities worldwide, to share failure stories and learn from them.